Bad News, Good News

Excited about the First Treatment

I like to get the bad news out of the way first.  Just getting back from Duke where we reviewed the PET Scans and MRI.  In addition to the one (pronounced) tumor on the left side, they found more cancer on the right side of the neck.  The location of these tumors makes surgery a high-risk endeavor … I confirmed this today when they hit a nerve in my neck during a needle biopsy and the left side of my body spasmed before it went on fire.  I told Robin it reminded me of the board game “Operation” when the buzzer goes off 😊

The Good News – The cancer appears to be localized in the neck region which was a relief … no major organs affected and the head MRI was clean.  After spending time with my Oncologist (April) and reviewing the various treatment options, we agreed on Immunotherapy as the best strategy to contain/shrink the tumors.  The first session (getting IV treatments at Duke) starts next week with the last session in late-Sept … followed by a PET Scan to see the effectiveness of the treatment.  

Other than the cancer, I am feeling fantastic and our spirits could not be better.  Robin has been laughing at all of my jokes, including this one “let’s tell the family that the results of the PET Scan came back and they found out that I am half German Shepherd”.  OK, so it’s only a little funny. 

While a few “bad days” just around the corner, we would appreciate your continued prayers as we make our way through this next chapter.  No immediate help needed right now but we reserve the right to keep all of you on speed-dial should the need arise 😊.  We also appreciate your understanding in terms of providing updates on this website … it is difficult to keep folks updated real-time and this makes things much easier for us.

We are feeling very blessed and loved and look forward to sending good news in the weeks and months ahead.

Ted, Robin and Logan

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