Another Detour Through Cancerville

Hang Gang,

Thanks again for all of the thoughts and prayers as I prepare for round-2 with this pesky cancer.  Rather than trying to keep up communications with family and friends, I will be posting here on CaringBridge which will send updates to folks who register/follow … you can also add “text updates” as one of the options.

For those that were not aware, I had what appeared to be a very minor/small skin discoloration last year that was removed, only to return as a very aggressive Melanoma on top of my head.  In June of 2018, I had a major surgery at Duke to remove a fist-sized area, along with an adjoining lymph node.  All was good until we discovered a new tumor in another lymph node in my lower neck.

Dr. Lee and the surgical team at Duke are some of the best in the country so going into battle with this team gives us much hope.

The next big milestone is 7/8 when we see if the cancer is somewhat localized or not.  I will send another update after we review the pictures and results with the Oncologist.

Robin, Logan and I appreciate all of the prayers and support and we feel very blessed to have family, friends and God in our corner as we make our way through this next chapter.

More to follow, Peace … Ted

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