Another small speed bump, but keeping my eye on the prize

Another small speed bump, but keeping my eye on the prize … God and “Shrinkage” … and not the George Castanza type

First, I want to thank all of my friends, family and co-workers for the prayers and warm wishes.  The cancer continues to be a tough slog but as a believer, I feel strongly about the power of prayer and how God does his best work in these situations.  Thanks in advance for keeping us in your prayer circles and we look forward to sharing the good news that is just around the corner on September 23 (good news meaning the cancer has not spread and that the existing tumors are on the retreat and shrinking).   

Well, Robin and I were at Duke today finishing my second full month of treatments and as it turns out, the newest side effect that just presented itself (Type-1 Diabetes was our last visit) appears to have impacted my thyroid … TSH and T4 levels are starting to swing.  We are meeting with the endocrine team on Thursday for additional tests, along with discussions on treatment and medication.  As fate would have it, I think the Donnelly’s can now qualify for the bulk discount on thyroid medication … Robin and Logan are already on them 😊

My personal thoughts and reflections on treatment haven’t changed a bit.  Surgery and chemo are not viable/effective options for this type of cancer (Metastatic Melanoma), leaving only immunotherapy.  While the side effects can be a bit daunting, they are a small price to pay to stay in the game and to get a front row seat to the movie that God is playing out.  While the odds are south of 25%, we are living into the promise of 100% that comes with staying in faith and we feel extremely blessed to get daily reminders that “God’s Got This”.

The Donnelly’s are well, and we are wishing all of you the same peace.

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